Sunday, 26 August 2012


One night after work my very lovely boyfriend came and picked me up which was surprise number one. Then he drove us to Blackpool to get doughnuts, play bingo and watch the sunset. So romantic. I LOVE surprises.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Finally Some Sun..

I have currently been working in Warrington and not had much chance to get home. I am lucky to have Cousins that live in Warrington so I went to go visit them. This summer the weather has been pretty rubbish but last Saturday the Sun came out and we decided to hit the park. Me and my Cousin relaxed whilst the children played. It was a fab day and was the perfect opportunity to take some photos. Jess loved being a little model for me, both of the girls are stunning which made photographing them so easy!

Lets hope for some more Sun. I am not ready for Autumn yet!

Tuesday, 21 August 2012


(Above: 1. Dad and My Sister, 2.Me, Nanna and My Sister, 3. My Brother and Mum )

My Dads 50th was a small gathering of family and friends. He didn't want anything big (even though we have a massive family). Everyone had a fab time and really enjoyed the afternoon/evening.

Before my Dads Birthday I was panicking over a present for him. As it was his 50th I wanted to get him something special but, I had little money. So I came up with an idea which cost me NOTHING!

I dug out all the old photo albums and with help from my Mum I managed to put them in order and pick out the special ones. I then scanned these onto the computer (massive thanks to Amy for the wine and help with the scanning!). I downloaded his favourite songs and made a video, I pulled out all the major moments in his life (Marriage, Father of four children and becoming a Grandfather) and put it all together. 

This was played at the party in front of all our family and friends, it made some people tearful, brought back memories but everyone had a good laugh (mostly at bad, bad haircuts!) My dad has watched this DVD everyday since his party and that was well over a week a go now. 

The best presents don't have to be expensive! Have you ever made someone a present? What was it?


Sunday, 19 August 2012


Hello again... I seem to have taken an unscheduled break from Blogging. This summer has been crazy and I am so sorry about my lack of posts but I am back with more blog ideas and photos.


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