Saturday, 28 April 2012

Sleepy Saturday

So today has been a struggle, attempted doing my uni work about 10 times and I just can't seem to get past this one bit! I suppose it doesn't help that I was out on a friends works leaving do last night and my head feels a little fuzzy today. So in an attempt to get this work done I went on a walk with my brother in the hope of snapping some good photos on this windy day and to wake me up! We didn't go far there is a lovely field at the back of our houses, here is what I snapped. 

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Aunite Laura (Rara)

Being an Auntie is one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced. I have the joy of being with babies, and then get to give them back - brilliant! When I was told I was going to be an Auntie for the first time, I only know now what that means. I never knew it was possible to love them as much as I do. I am what my mum describes as fun Aunt Laura as I can do all the silly things parents don't have time for and feed them all sorts of junk- uh oh! When with them I spend most my time acting like a 2year old making the most unusual noises and jumping out from blankets so let me introduce you: 

Lilly- Kaye 

Lilly- Kaye, my world. As you can see we have the best of fun together. She is nearly 2years old! She makes me laugh so much. Lilly is beginning to talk well and string together her words and I swear it is the cutest thing I have ever heard! In between work and University I love spending time with her and take her along to a playgroup with Elsie&Me whilst her mummy, my sister attends a college course. She loves going so much and makes me realise time and again how independent she already is at the age of nearly 2!

Jacob Anthony

Jacob Anthony, is my little star, he is going to break so many hearts! Jacob is 9months old and starting crawling this week. He is one the happiest most content babies I have ever met. I love also to spend as much time as I can with Jacob, he often comes over for sleepovers and is no trouble at all as all he likes doing is sleeping and eating with the occasional crawl (also some of my favourite things to do). He attends the same playgroup as Lilly and Elsie&Me and loves being around the older girls, typical boy. He enjoys fake sneezes and Mickey Mouse. I am so excited to see how his world evolves now he can explore and the little boy he is turning into. 

Sunday, 22 April 2012


Dandielion - Avenham Park

Its All About Me

Hi BlogSpotters I am Laura, I'm 23 years old from Preston, Lancashire.
I am a full time university student studying Community Leadership at the University of Central Lancashire. Along side this I am a part time youth worker, which means I work with young people aged 11 - 18 in a variety of different settings I mostly help run the youth club. I thoroughly enjoy running a Girls Group as there is something special about empowering young women and watching them grow. I enjoy photography, knitting, crocheting, going out with friends, and reading. I don't often have spare time and if I do its because I am avoiding doing any of my University work! 

My life seems to run at 100mph and as I'm not a very organised person I often miss meetings, double book myself and loose things. If its not in my diary it doesn't exist. I often refer to myself as Buckaroo, as I am here there and everywhere and have about three bags to carry... my Uni work, my handbag (full of junk!) lunch and my camera. I wish I had another arm as speaking on the phone and smoking is an extremely hard task!!!

I however am not just Laura Eccles I am a Daughter, Sister, Auntie, Girlfriend and Friend and love the people in my life very much. If you want to read more then I will try and update regularly and will introduce you to these amazing people whilst posting about my hectic life. Enjoy.


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