Monday, 2 July 2012

Date Nights & 1st Birthday Parties

This weekend has been one hectic one! It did however start Thursday night as Steven was home from work a day earlier (he is going back on guard and thats kinda sucky). So we got ready and went for a gorgeous meal at Duck Egg Blue, a cute restaurant near by. This was later followed by the wine bar and Thursday night was turned into Friday morning...oops. 

Something similar happened on Friday night, do you think we need a better hobby? 

However, Saturday was My Best Friends daughters 1st Birthday Party. I took along my nephew who enjoyed all the party food way to much! Elsie was gorgeous in her party dress! I won't put all the photos up as i'm sure Amy would like to do a post, but these are some extra cute ones. 


Attending my Best Friends daughters 1st Birthday Party made me realise how much we have grown up. I'm sure it was only yesterday we were 16 years old on the same Art Course, wearing far too much eyeliner and talking 'boys'. Time Flies!

Whats the earliest memory of your Best Friend? I would love to hear.
Covered in Grace


  1. oh my goodness, those kids are adorable!
    earliest memory with my best friend would probably be watching Barney in our footie pajamas in the mornings, haha.

    1. You go that way back? So cute.

  2. My best friend was the only person who talked to me on my first day in a new school in 3rd grade. I was awkward, she was awkward too. Perfect match.
    I love your blog. You are funny and you write meaningful posts. I just started following you. Follow me back if you like my blog!

    1. You guys do sound like a perfect match! Thank you Asilia I am glad your like my blog.



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