Tuesday, 21 August 2012


(Above: 1. Dad and My Sister, 2.Me, Nanna and My Sister, 3. My Brother and Mum )

My Dads 50th was a small gathering of family and friends. He didn't want anything big (even though we have a massive family). Everyone had a fab time and really enjoyed the afternoon/evening.

Before my Dads Birthday I was panicking over a present for him. As it was his 50th I wanted to get him something special but, I had little money. So I came up with an idea which cost me NOTHING!

I dug out all the old photo albums and with help from my Mum I managed to put them in order and pick out the special ones. I then scanned these onto the computer (massive thanks to Amy for the wine and help with the scanning!). I downloaded his favourite songs and made a video, I pulled out all the major moments in his life (Marriage, Father of four children and becoming a Grandfather) and put it all together. 

This was played at the party in front of all our family and friends, it made some people tearful, brought back memories but everyone had a good laugh (mostly at bad, bad haircuts!) My dad has watched this DVD everyday since his party and that was well over a week a go now. 

The best presents don't have to be expensive! Have you ever made someone a present? What was it?


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